Can you eat goldfish (Is it safe to eat a goldfish?)

What happens if you eat a goldfish?

This may seem like a strange question to be answering, but from an aquaponics system point of view perhaps not so strange. This is because goldfish are of the carp species of fish, and as a result are suited as a type of aquaponics fish. However, just because a fish is suited to live in an aquaponics system, this doesn’t mean they are an ideal fit. Let’s take a closer look…

Can you eat goldfish - Is it safe to eat a goldfish large

Can you eat goldfish in 15 seconds…

Goldfish are as edible as any other freshwater fish. However, due to how small they are and because they are very bony, they don’t make for good eating. They probably taste of the water they live in and you are better off using other fish like tilapia in your aquaponics system for your fish harvest. But if your plan is to only harvest your aquaponics vegetables and not eat your fish, then goldfish make for good aquaponics fish in these circumstances.

Can you eat goldfish?

As discussed in my article about Koi Carp, which are also a part of the carp family of fish, you can pretty much eat most if not all types of fish. Which applies to goldfish as well. So in answer to the question about whether you can eat goldfish: Yes you can eat goldfish for sure! However, the question remains whether or not you should eat goldfish. And do they taste good to eat?

How do goldfish taste?

Like all carp species, goldfish probably taste a bit like what they eat. Also, if the water they are living in is dirty or muddy, they are likely to take-on this taste too. Which means their flesh tends to taste a bit like pond water.

The problem with eating goldfish is that they are very small fish with little flesh to eat. Added to the fact they are small fish, is that they are a very bony fish too. These two characteristic don’t make for a good combination for the dinner table. Which means that goldfish are not good to eat nor taste.

Can you fry goldfish?

If you decide to eat goldfish, then one way to eat them is to fry the fillets. But in order to create a decent meal, you may need several goldfish fillets to do so. You might be better off putting the fillets into a fish stew instead.

Are goldfish right for your aquaponics system?

Goldfish are very well suited to aquaponics systems. This is because they are quite hardy fish, but also they are able to live in a wide range of water temperatures. However, if it’s your intention to take advantage of having two harvests from your aquaponics system, i.e. vegetables and fish, it’s not recommended to use goldfish in your system for your fish-harvest.

But if it’s your intention to only eat your aquaponics vegetables, and not eat your fish, then there’s nothing wrong in using goldfish. At the very least they are very cheap to buy. Plus they add a bit of colour to your aquaponics fish tank.

Your reason for not want to harvest your fish might be because you’d struggle to kill your fish. If this is the case, or if you’re a vegetarian and don’t eat fish at all, then you can simply use your fish, which in this case could be goldfish, to feed your aquaponics plants instead.

Are Goldfish bad for you?

There’s nothing to say that eating goldfish would be bad for you. However, you might need to be careful with the bones. If you swallow a bone, this can get lodged somewhere or perforate your digestive track or even cause problems with you appendix.

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Can you eat goldfish (Is it safe to eat a goldfish?)

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