Do plants grow faster in aquaponics? (Is it true they grow twice as fast?)

Aquaponics vs soil growth rate of plants

Aquaponics systems are growing in popularity for many reasons. But along with many of the benefits associated with growing plants in an aquaponic system, do plants grow faster in aquaponics? Let’s take a look at this question…

Do plants grow faster in aquaponics - Is it true they grow twice as fast

Do plants grow faster in aquaponics in 15 seconds…

It’s been found that aquaponic plants grow and produce faster in aquaponics systems than they do in a traditional garden (In fact up to twice as fast!). The main advantage to plants of aquaponic systems is the roots are fed directly by nutrient rich water from the fish tank. But also during warm weather the plants get as much water as they need and never dry out. Whereas plants that are grown in soil use water very quickly in hot weather.

Do plants grow faster in aquaponics systems?

It’s true that plants absolutely thrive in an aquaponics system. This is because the water from the fish is supplying nutrients directly to the roots of the aquaponic plants. But the question is; do aquaponic plants grow twice as fast as they do in conventional gardens?

Aquaponics vs soil growth rate of plants

The answer to the question about whether plants grow faster in aquaponics systems is; yes they do. In fact it’s generally agreed that plants can grow up to twice as fast in an aquaponics system. The reason for this is because your plants are getting rich alive nutrients from the fish waste, which is being broken down by bacteria, right at the root level.

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One of the main reasons why plants grow faster in an aquaponics system is, because the water provides nutrients directly to the plant’s roots system, the aquaponic plants don’t have to use energy to find the nutrients needed for growth. But instead the aquaponic plants can concentrate on growing big and tall.

What’s more, this nutrient rich water is delivered to your plants 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Which means that your plants thrive like never before.

When you first create your very own aquaponics system, you may not quite believe how fast your aquaponic plants grow. But even better, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how great the aquaponic produce tastes too.

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Aquaponics vs soil yield of plants

Research has shown that an aquaponics system yields more plants per metre square than growing crops using conventional soil technologies.

These yields far exceeded the average yields of greenhouse vegetables produced by organic soil-based technologies in Canada.” Tomato varieties performed well in aquaponics exceeding the average yield level in the industry by 10-15%. The adequate level of irradiation in May increased the yield more than four times.”

Aquaponics research – Evaluation of aquaponics technology in Alberta Canada

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Do plants grow faster in aquaponics? (Is it true they grow twice as fast?)

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